Documents and Checklist for Application under PCPNDT Act


Separate file is to maintained at District/Corporation level for each application received for registration under PNDT Act.


Following documents need to be produced by the applicant along with application forms submitted for registration under PNDT act

1. Application (A Form- 2 copies)
2. Affidavit containing undertakings from owner – as per format in PCPNDT book write only concerned centre as sonography etc. remaining centre name to be deleted.
3. Particulars regarding fee paid for registration.
4. Site Plan of Place
5. If Society / Trust, Registration Certificate from Competent Authority.
6. Quotation of Machine / Proforma / Invoice form authorized dealer / Manufacturer.
7. Xerox copy / copies of Educational Qualification (in the name – who operates machine)
8. "Xerox copy / Copies of Training Certificate / Experience Certificate (In the name – who operates machine)
9. Consent of land –holder / if place rented- property Card and rent agreement.

If new building, Construction Completion Certificate and Utility Certificate

11. If Society / Trust, Rules and regulations
12. If nursing home, Registration under Nursing Home Act (If applicable)

Following documents are to be kept in each file along with above documents.

1. Report of Inspection of Institution before registration. (In Prescribed Format)
2. Registration Certificate. Xerox copy with receipt from owner.
3. Date of Advisory Committee Meeting in which – Application was kept for approval
4. If rejected, reasons for rejection in form – C
You are requested to maintain separate file for each application received at your level.
PCPNDT Act 1994 and Amendments