The ultimate objective of the initiative is to save the girl child, stop the female feticide and increase the sex ratio by assisting authorities in effective implementation of the PCPNDT Act.

Impact on the implementation of the PCPNDT Act :

Since the illegal sex determination followed by abortion of girl fetus was done in consent with the pregnant woman and the unethical medical professional. So there was a big issue of no complainant and no records were generated.

It was impossible for the Government authorities to find out & track every pregnant woman. The system has made medical professional record every case and all reports and videos of ultrasound are now available. Thus, the system has created a deterrent and resolved the issue of under reporting and false reporting. The act is then followed and compliance is automatically made.

District No of registered centers Reports prior to innovation
(Per Month)
Reports after innovation
(Per Month)
Difference(in %)

Kolhapur, Maharashtra


8,000 to 9000

16,000 +


Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh


1,500 to 2000

6,000 +


Indore, Madhya Pradesh


8,000 to 10,000

18,000 +


Impact on medical professionals

It was impossible to differentiate between ethical and unethical medical professionals due to lack of evidence. More than 90% cases were filed based on incomplete documentation that was not sufficient to prove the involvement in the sex determination. Such actions were harassing the medical professionals and many of them have stopped doing ultrasound of the pregnant woman. Few unethical activists who used to do string operation and black mailing them are also a big concern for them. There was no healthy environment for them. There has been regular protest by medical associations by national level strike and other ways.

The system has created a healthy and stress free environment as technology does not allow then to do mistakes and act rules are automatically followed.It assisted the ethical professional a tool to prove their innocence.

Initially, the invention was strongly opposed by all medical professionals thinking as additional burden on them and another way for the Government Authority to trouble them.

The Indian Radiology & Imaging Association even went ahead to file a WRIT petition in Bombay High Court challenging this invention by patient privacy, etc. But Bombay High Court ruled out the petition and stated that "Right to life is more important than Right to Privacy"

Further, Rajasthan High Court in another judgment made installation of Active Tracker mandatory in the entire state. Chattisgadh State High Court and few District Session Courts also issued similar judgment and confirmed its benefits and made this invention "Legal".

Over the period, the medical professionals realized its benefits and now support this invention.Many ethical medical professionals have started doing the ultrasound of pregnant woman who have stopped it due to harassment from the authorities.

Impact on Government Authorities

Prior to invention, the Government Authorities were facing number of issues for implementation of the act. All the processes were manual and authorities did not have dedicated human resources. Thousands of reports in manual form were collected every month and it was impossible to go through each one of them to find suspect and take action. Crucial time was lost and girl was aborted by the time the action was taken.Due to lack of vital evidence and pressure from the media, the authorities are left with no option but then to file cases on the breach of other rules of the act, which were not relevant to prove the involvement into sex determination but mere documentation errors.

Sting operation was the only option available, but it is one of the most critical option as you need a actual pregnant woman, who should be ready to be a part of sting and also it is found that such evidences were getting hostile during the court cases.

The system resolved all their issues and provided them a real time data of ultrasound with analytical information of suspected pregnant woman and centers. The lack of human resource issue is also resolved and auto processed data from the system helped them in quick decision-making and timely action.

Since every ultrasound is getting recorded in Active Tracker,& a facility to track the entire pregnancy till abortion, they can do detailed analysis before filing a case and there is high number of chances of convictions. The cases are now filed on the basis of sex determination only.

Impact on society in general

The society is from the demand side and they demand for a baby boy over girl. Changing mindset program are going on for past 20 years, but the result is not satisfactory. There was no deterrent factor to the demand side as not a single case is filed against the pregnant woman family members.

The health workers module created a deterrent, as pregnant woman knows that her details are now with Government and she is being monitored. The system generated statistics of minor pregnancy, which were linked to child marriages. At Indore district, cases were filed against them and this has created a good awareness and control on the child marriages.

Thus this system has benefited millions of people indirectly by creating a natural balance of male female in the society.

Increase in Sex Ratio

The project was invented in year 2009 at Kolhapur district of Maharashtra state. By 2015, the project is replicated in over 50 districts across India and over 5000 centers were trained and made online and over 2000 Active Tracker devices were installed in Ultrasound Machines.

The system has successfully proved its impact on the ultimate objective of increasing the sex ratio. The figures generated from the health management system of Government have clearly proved the increase in girl child and increase in sex ratio.

By 2015, The Kolhapur district has shown growth in sex ration from 839 to 903 girls per 1000 boys, the Gwalior district from 840 to 890; the Rajasthan state sex ratio has increased from 883 to 905.

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