Save The Baby Girl & Active Tracker System
Save The Baby Girl & Active Tracker is a method & system invented using information technology solution based on the guidelines of the PCPNDT & MTP Act. It addresses the key issue of generating the primary evidence of the every ultrasound performed in the form of online report and actual video of the ultrasound. It also provides the facility to track and monitor pregnancy from ultrasound till abortion or delivery. The system has resolved the issue of under reporting and false reporting and provided an easy tool to the Government Authorities to remotely track the suspect by saving time, manual efforts with facility of quick decision-making and timely action saving the girl child. It also provided a stress free environment to the ethical medical professional and a deterrent to unethical.

Online solution – Save The Baby Girl (STBG)

Prior to invention, the PCPNDT Act was implemented manually and there were no systems in place. The application is based on following guidelines of the Act:-

  • Ultrasound center must be registered with Government Authorities with complete details of ultrasound machines & operators.
  • Ultrasound report (form F) must be submitted to the authorities on 5th of every month.
  • The F form contains vital information like contact details, living boys & daughters, pregnancy details, ultrasound details etc.
  • The online software provides online registration of centers, ultrasound machines and medical professionals. Centers can submit online F form on daily basis.

The software has following modules :

  • Ultrasound Centers
  • MTP Centers
  • Delivery Centers
  • Authority Module
  • Health Worker Module
  • Online Submission of reports Module
  • Data Analysis Module
  • Suspects Identification Module
  • MIS & Reports
  • Notice & Information
  • Complaint Management
  • Administration Module

Technology Features :

  • Technology used: Microsoft.NET, MS SQL Server, Designing Tools
  • Two way SMS broadcasting
  • Auto email broadcasting

All registered centers (Ultrasound, MTP, Delivery, Authorities & Health workers) are registered online using secured user name and password and this generates the information of total ultrasound machines, registered medical professionals, linking of areas w.r.t. Health Workers etc.

All centers then submit the daily online reports of every pregnant woman ultrasound, delivery & MTP reports.

The online software automatically generates the suspected pregnant woman on the basis of various criterions such as pregnancy with 1 or more living daughters etc. and send the details to the appropriate health worker, who then visits the house of pregnant woman and confirms the status of pregnancy through two way SMS.

The authorities can log in from anywhere and track the suspected cases and take appropriate action in time. The system generates number of critical reports required for monitoring the suspected centers and pregnant woman.

Active Tracker

"Active Tracker is like a Black Box of Airplane"- Hon. Bombay High Court
The first device invented is called as Silent Observer, which is further modified and renamed as Active Tracker. It is a device connected to ultrasound machine through its video out cable and captures every frame of ultrasound monitor and records in the form of video in the local hard drive in systematic and encrypted format. Every video is of 10 minutes and hasan auto generated unique naming feature.

These videos are accessible only to the authority with separate data copying software and data of particular period can be copied to external laptop.

These copied videos are then decrypted to its original format through decryption software installed on the district server through linking of a server IP.

Ultrasound machine is provided a power supply through Active Tracker & all the cable are sealed with silicon gel & barcoded stickers to avoid any bypass of power for tampering. Active Tracker does not have any on or off button and directly operates on power button.

Active Tracker is designed using motherboard (processor), RAM, TV Tunner card, SMPS, embedded program for auto on and off, & hard disk of 1 TB with Linux operating system and software by system programming.

Active Tracker is connected through GPRS/GSM dongle with SIM card. It sends the signal to the webserver about functioning of Active Tracker& used for detecting tampering –

  • Log Report – every on and off time and date
  • Free hard disk space available
  • Last file name
  • Number of files recorded

Auto SMS & email is sent to the authorities in case of tampering.

How does it work?

The system works as a deterrent. Since every ultrasound is recorded, there is 100% increase in reporting. The authorities have following details to cross check – ultrasound report can be verified with actual video of the ultrasound, and it determines the status of pregnancy, the health worker confirms the actual status of pregnancy and it can be verified with abortion or delivery report. All reports can be linked together to come to the conclusion of any wrong thing.

The system has provided various options to the authorities to cross check the breach of law rules like –

  • Number of reports not matching number of videos of a particular period
  • The reported information not matching with the actual video of the respected ultrasound
  • Particular center performing 4D ultrasound without recommendation from the expert
  • Medical professional deliberately focusing on the gender part of the fetus for a longer period. Etc.

Case Study

A pregnant woman having 2 daughters undergoes ultrasound and is willing to know the sex of the fetus. The unethical medical professional determines the sex and report as 8 weeks of pregnancy (The gender organ of the fetus can only be seen after 12 weeks of pregnancy). The lady then goes for abortion since it was a girl. In the abortion report, reason for MTP was mentioned as incomplete growth. But the actual video of the ultrasound confirms that fetus was normal and was of 14 weeks! Thus on the basis of above reports and video, a case with strong evidence is filed with assured conviction.